Diversity Award Nominations
Thursday, March 31, 2011 10:17 AM
Seeking nominations for the 2011 OBFS Human Diversity Award by 1 April 2011
The OBFS Human Diversity Award provides recognition for unique activities, programs, or approaches (funded or unfunded) that increases the involvement, engagement, and sustainability of underrepresented groups in field science.
Broadly speaking, underrepresented groups in field science may include, but are not limited to, ethnic minorities (blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, etc.), women, inner-city youth, disadvantaged rural communities, K-12 groups, tribal colleges, community colleges, undergraduate institutions with small programs, and citizen monitoring programs.
Promoting Human Diversity may be accomplished by disseminating materials and using, rearranging, or creating infrastructure to facilitate transitions between the field and classroom. Activities should stimulate both applied and individualized approaches to experiential scientific learning. We will also recognize stations that demonstrate how retention and application of new scientific concepts are promoted to facilitate further discovery and increase scientific dialog among diverse user groups. This may include a pedagogy for the basic knowledge needed by underrepresented groups to address the current challenges in environmental and natural resources management and research at all educational levels (K-12, undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education).
The nomination deadline is 1 April 2011. Please send nominations to [email protected]  We are looking for self-nominations from stations as well as nominations of activities, programs, and stations that have impressed you regarding their human diversity impact. We encourage resubmissions from past applicants.
Further details are available in the award announcement and application form.
Please feel free to contact me or any of the OBFS Diversity Committee members with questions regarding the Human Diversity Award. We look forward to your nominations and applications.
OBFS Diversity Committee:
Stacy McNulty, Tom Arsuffi, Peggy Turk Boyer, Jeff Brown, Nina Consolatti, Faerthen Felix, Susan Flowers, Brian Kloeppel, Deedra McClearn, Teresa Mourad, Violet Nakayama, Jennie Sheldon, Amy Whipple, and Dawn Wilson