Leadership and Governance

The Organization of Biological Field Stations is governed by its Members and a Board of Directors composed of Member-elected and Board-selected Officers, and Organizational Standing Committee Chairs. Member-elected Officers comprise the Executive Committee. See Bylaws for governance details. Currently there are 15 Directors on the Board.

Past minutes, document archive, Policies and Procedures Manual, and other organizational material useful to Members and Directors is available with log-in. Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for access.

*Terms: Elected Officer and Board-Selected Officer terms are two years, April 1 to March 31. Organizational Standing Committee Chair terms are one year, January 1 to December 31, except for Annual Meeting Chair which tracks Vice President appointment.
1Past President is not technically "elected."  Outgoing President assumes this office ex officio.  

Elected Officers (Executive Committee)

Office Officer Email Term*

Chris Lorentz

Past President1
Stacy McNulty (ex officio)   2020-2022
Vice President Lara D. Roketenetz   2019-2021
Secretary Lesley Knoll
Treasurer Paul Wetzel   2019-2021
Member at Large - One Jason Wallace   2019-2021
Member at Large - Two Elizabeth Long   2020-2022
Member at Large - Early Career Faustine Bernadac   2020-2022

Board-Selected Officers

Office Officer Email Term*
Editor Sarah Oktay [email protected] 2019-2021
Network Coordinator                  Jason Tallant               
[email protected]        2018-2021

Organizational Standing Committees

The business of OBFS is conducted through committees.  Organizational Standing Committees are created and dissolved by the Members or the Board of Directors.  Committee Chairs are appointed by the Board of Directors annually and assume seats on the Board for the duration of their appointment.  
**Subcommittees are ad-hoc committees assigned by the Board for specific tasks. They are not Organizational Standing Committees; chairs do not have a seat on the Board. 

Committee Chair(s) Email Term*
Annual Meeting Brett Biebuyck (ex officio, VP)   2019-2021
Finance and Membership Paul Wetzel (ex officio, Treasurer)   2019-2021
     subcommittee: Investment** Philippe Cohen  
Governance Shane Waddell   2021
     subcommittee: Nominations**
Stacy McNulty (ex officio, Past President)  [email protected]
as needed
Human Diversity Amy Whipple   2021
International David Manelli   2021
Organizational Development Brian Kloeppel   2021
Outreach Lisa Busch   2021
     subcommittee: Communications**

Vanessa Trujillo
Mary Hufty (ex officio, Historian)