OBFS Listserver

OBFS runs a listserver for staff of stations where general announcements are posted, as well as fielding questions and discussions of best practices and other resources.

General information about the mailing list and subscription signup is at: https://lists.ucdavis.edu/sympa/info/obfs-mail-list

OBFS Listserver Archives are available!

screenshot of archivesIn order to access the archives, you will need to login to the listserver and visit the archives.

If you've forgotten your listserver password (one is assigned to you when you sign up) you can retrieve your password via email. 

Send an email to [email protected] from the email you subscribed with, with the text:


You'll receive an email back with your password.

To post to the list, email obfs[email protected].

If you have other questions about the listserver, please contact Sarah at [email protected].