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Marine Larval Ecology: Responses to a Changing Ocean Environment | Summer Course at BIOS
Monday, July 05, 2021, 8:00 AM to Friday, July 23, 2021, 5:00 PM EST
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Marine Larval Ecology: Responses to a Changing Ocean EnvironmentJuly 5 - July 23, 2021Instructors: Dr. Justin McAlister (College of the Holy Cross) and Dr. Scott Santagata (Long Island University - Post)The larval developmental stages of many marine invertebrates are highly diverse in form, function, and life history, and effectively link benthic and pelagic ecosystems because they are the dispersive stage for many organisms, and can be particularly sensitive to environmental change. These environmental variables may include elevated ocean temperatures, increased ocean acidity, patchily distributed phytoplankton food, as well as exposure to pollutants like petroleum, heavy metals, and micro plastics. Larvae respond to stress exposure at molecular, physiological, and morphological levels. For many organisms, “normal” developmental patterns are not well known, let alone how development may vary in response to single or multiple interacting environmental stressors.This course will examine the ecology, evolution, and development of marine invertebrate larvae, their roles as members of the meroplankton, and their responses to environmental stress at different biological scales. Students will gain hands-on experience collecting marine invertebrates from local habitats (mangrove, coral reef, pelagic open water) during boat and shore-based excursions. In the laboratory, students will learn to spawn adults, obtain and fertilize gametes, culture larvae, and conduct empirical studies of larval development under conditions of current and potential future environmental stress. Modern physiological, molecular, and microscopy-based methods will be used throughout the course. Lectures and laboratories will cover a broad range of topics and principles relevant to larval biology. More information and an example schedule can be found here.This course is structured for upper level undergraduate and graduate students. Prerequisites include satisfactory standing in marine biology (or other relevant) courses. Snorkeling and diving opportunities will be available to those students having moderate swimming abilities and training. Course fee: $4,900 (includes tuition, room and board). Students may apply to BIOS for scholarships to assist with the course fee.

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