Reserve Steward Position
Tuesday, May 03, 2011 03:54 PM
Reserve Steward
Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center

UC Riverside Natural Reserve System
Position Number:  11-03-018
Salary Range (Monthly): $2,846 - $3,478
An opportunity to assist in the management of a large University of California research unit located in the scenic eastern Mojave Desert.  Located at the hub of the Mojave, Great Basin and Sonoran Deserts, the 4,000 ha Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center (GMDRC) is one of the fastest growing field stations in the southwestern U.S. With more than 175 current academic research projects, the Center also supports a thriving teaching program.  Ranging from 3,700 to 6,800 ft in elevation, Center lands include sweeping bajadas that give way to spectacular granitic boulder topography leading up to sky-island peaks covered by pinyon pine woodland.  Facilities include the 2,500 sq ft Allanson Laboratory and researcher dormitories and the Norris Camp teaching cabin and campground.  All facilities are solar powered and incorporate other alternative technologies for self-sustaining life in this remote natural area.  Recent improvements include T-1 high-speed internet, a lecture hall/conference room and upgrades to staff.  The GMDRC supports multidisciplinary research ranging from organismal biology, plant and animal ecology and physiology, geology, archaeology and other environmental sciences.
*Responsibilities.  “Reserve Steward” title (which falls within the payroll title “senior building maintenance worker”) more accurately reflects the importance of the position.  The Reserve Steward is a key member of the GMDRC team and will work directly with the GMDRC Director, Administrative Director, and UCR Campus Director.  Primary responsibilities of the position are to maintain daily operations of facilities and grounds at the Center, including structures, vehicles, roads, utilities as well as systems and infrastructure related to research projects.  The steward will also assist with other daily operational aspects of the GMDRC, including occasional administration and user management, information systems, biological monitoring, meetings and events, research and educational programs, database management, museum collections, and public outreach activities.  Self-motivation, ingenuity, an interest in alternative technologies, and strong interpersonal skills are desired.  Applicants must feel comfortable living in a wilderness setting where amenities are sometimes lacking.  A minimum of two years construction experience and basic computer skills including word processing, use of spreadsheets and e-mail are required.  Salary based on experience and qualifications.  This career position comes with housing and most utilities at minimal cost, as well as the UC comprehensive compensation and benefits package. To apply, visit  Please submit a statement of career goals and your interest in the GMDRC, Curriculum Vitae and references.  The position remains open until filled.  Position number: 11-03-018.  For a detailed copy of the position description or for additional questions email: James M. André, Director, [email protected]     And to learn more about the GMDRC, please visit our website at: