Annual Meeting 2018 - Field Trips


Field Trip Descriptions

Free, self guided:  Load your car with friends new and old and hit the road.  Check out Downeast Maine as you explore along one of the following:

The Maine Ice Age Trail

Maine Sculpture Tour
The Downeast Fisheries Trail


Free, guided:  These trips are walking adventures:

Sunrise and Seabirds-  join Seth Benz (Schoodic Bird Ecology Program) for an early morning of migrating seabirds at Schoodic Point.

Migrating Seabirds-  for those late risers, head out with Seth Benz (Schoodic Bird Ecology Program) after lunch to see what seabirds are migrating past Schoodic Point in the afternoon.

Trees, from Sea to Summit-  head into the forest with Nick Fisichelli (Schoodic Forest Ecology Program) as he hikes from the Schoodic campus to Schoodic head.


Fee involved:

Mount Desert Rock Field Station-  College of the Atlantic's (COA) Edward McC. Blair Marine Research Station sits on a rock 600 yards long and 200 yards wide, 26 miles from the nearest harbor.  Head out to the station with Dan DenDanto, station manager, and Toby Stevenson, COA captain.  Cost:  $50/person

Lobstering-  Oh ya, we're headed out lobstering.  Find out where those bugs come from.  Cost:  $60/person