Scientists working at field stations and marine laboratories strive to understand natural processes at every scale, from the molecular to the global, from milliseconds to eons.

The mission of the Organization of Biological Field Stations (OBFS) is to help member stations increase their effectiveness in supporting critical research, education, and outreach programs. We pursue this goal in a manner that maximizes diversity, inclusiveness, sustainability, and transparency.

Recent News

Researchers at Texas A&M University and Colorado State University have received NSF funding (NSF-DRL 1713359 and NSF-DRL 1713351) to study outreach at field stations. They are asking all field stations in the United States to complete a survey on their outreach programming. Even if your field station does not have an outreach program, they would like to hear from you! Take their survey and your station will be eligible to win $100!!

Friend of OBFS 2017 - Mark Ruffalo


OBFS has selected Mark Ruffalo for his work promoting scientific literacy and involvement on college campuses and in the national realm.

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Station Map

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