2020 Annual Meeting Presentations

2020 OBFS Annual Meeting Program

WORKSHOPS (links below take you to presentation recordings and chats from the presentations)

Workshop #1: Undergraduate Field Experiences Research Network (UFERN) Framework to Improve Field Program Design and Evaluation (Chat)

Hosts:  Kari O’Connell, Kelly Hoke, Mike Giamellaro, Alan Berkowitz


Workshop #2 & #3: EDI - Data Cleaning and Archival Bootcamp (Chat)

Hosts:  Jason Tallant, Kristin Vanderbilt, Suzanne Grosseman-Clark, Aaron Ellison


Workshop # 4: Undergraduate Field Experiences Research Network (UFERN) Understanding and Evaluating Outcomes of Undergraduate Field Learning Experiences

Hosts:  Erin E. Shortlidge, Stephanie Shaulskiy, Kari Bisbee O’Connell, Alison Jolley, Chris Lorentz, Emily Geraghty Ward


Workshop #5: Improving Field Station Climate: Responding to Harassment

Hosts:  Anne Kelly, Elizabeth Long, AdvanceGEO Team


Workshop #6: The Virtual Field: How to Create an Ecosystem Exploration Video from Conception to Post Production

Hosts:  Claudia Luke, Hillary Swain, Kari O’Connell, Sarah Oktay 


Workshop #7: Partnership agreements for University Field Stations on US Federal Lands (Chat)

Hosts:  Russell Bradley, Jeffrey Clary

Meeting Sessions


Concurrent Sessions 1: Outreach at Biological Field Stations:  Opportunities and Impacts (Chat)

Hosts: Rhonda Struminger


Concurrent Session 2: Gender-inclusive Facilities at Field Stations

Hosts: Gretchen Gerrish, Cora Johnston, Anne Kelly, Stefanie Whitmire


Concurrent Session 3: Friend-Raising and Fund-Raising at Biological Field Stations

Hosts: Brian Kloeppel, Sarah Oktay, and Paul Foster


Lightning Talks (Chat)

Hosts: Jason Wallace



Plenary 2 & Concluding Remarks: Peter McCartney & Chris Lorentz (Chat)

Title:  Updates from the National Science Foundation Field Stations and Marine Labs (FSML) Program